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    Xbox 360 Download Profile Error

    Recently I've been having a lot of issues trying to download my main Xbox profile on to my 360. Basically what happens is I enter my email/password, the profile begins to download and then after 10-15 minutes it comes up with an error message and fails to download it. I know this has been a...
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    Xbox 360 Xbox Live failed update

    Can't download the pudate. To test your connection, open System Settings and select Network Settings, Test Xbox Live Connection. (i already did that and it gave me the update which then gave this update fail) Status Code: 4497 - 0000 - 3080 - 0505 - 8007 - 0570 (xbox 360 system)
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    Xbox 360 Can’t connect to my Xbox account, problem with credentials (error 80151103)

    So this started last night. I’ve changed my password multiple times, used the right email and password but it still won’t work. There is a message that says “Sorry, there’s a problem with the credentials that you’re using to sign in. Go to to fix the problem. 80151103”...
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    Xbox 360 Downloading account error

    Hi all... I am having a problem with trying to download my full account. I recently tried to add my account onto my xbox 360 after deleting it off their for a while. I went to download account put in my credentials just fine it gets to loading about 1/10 of my account up. Then proceeds to...
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    Xbox App PC not signing me in

    I can sign into my account through other things, such as on my phone and the desktop pc, but whenever i try to do it on my laptop it refuses to work and gives my the following response: Needles to say, i have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it. I know that it says the service isnt...