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    We couldn't sign you in Xbox Live services !

    So when I try to start up 'Nobody saves the world', '7 days to die ...etc, and it tries to log me into my Xbox Live Account, it says 'We couldn't sign you in Xbox Live services !', and it doesn't give an error code, just says try again later. BUT it signs me in perfectly fine in the Xbox App...
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    Game Pass offline on Xbox consoles

    Good day everyone! I am a recent Xbox owner and I must say I'm not completely happy of how limited the console is while offline. Can't access recordings or screenshots and most settings are locked behind an internet connection. I could live with all of that but I also realized something else...
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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with family sharing - how do I share?

    I am new to Xbox – I just bought an Xbox One S. We only have this one Xbox console in our house. I am struggling to understand how to set up my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with family sharing. Basically, I bought a 2-year subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so that mostly my 11 year old son...
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    Xbox One Multiple Minecraft accounts running on same game pass

    Hello, me and my friends are thinking about pooling our money and buying game pass ultimate. Most of us main minecraft Bedrock, But some of us want to play on Java too. So i wanted to know if I could get 2 or more java accounts on 1 game pass. Thank you
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    FFXIII for Xbox Game Pass Controller support

    So i just downloaded ffXIII through Game pass on my windows 10 pc and I have an xbox one controller connected via bluetooth and im having immense amounts of trouble getting my controller to work with FF13. it has controller support but nothing i have done will make my controller work with the...
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    Game Pass Advice - a new video series

    Hey guys! This is my first time sharing here but I love the thought of an Xbox-centric forum. I would like to share the first video of my Game Pass Advice series. These are videos showcasing games specifically on the service, and discussing how long it takes to find the fun they offer. I avoid...