Game Pass offline on Xbox consoles


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Apr 26, 2022
Good day everyone!

I am a recent Xbox owner and I must say I'm not completely happy of how limited the console is while offline. Can't access recordings or screenshots and most settings are locked behind an internet connection. I could live with all of that but I also realized something else, Game Pass games don't seem to work all the time while the console is offline. I did find a solution.

For context, I work on ships for 8 months at the time, so I do not have a constant internet connection, and when I have it, is very limited.

I realized that when the console is offline, you will get a message telling you that you must be online to confirm subscription. I do have it on PC as well, in which it doesn't happen. Checking the game pass FAQ took me to the part that says that games can be launched offline for up to 30 days until you have to verify subscription again. That part is still in the PC Game Pass FAQ page but it was removed from the console one. I assumed offline play for gamepass games was not supported on consoles.

Anyways, I found what it was a workaround to this. Connect the console to the internet, open a game pass game up to the point it asks you to select the logged in user, and then go offline. That will make all games available offline for up to 30 days, but the console must stay on all that time. As long as the console loses power, all games will require connection again.

A new trick to this is that, if you get to disconnect your console, the console loses the correct date and all games stop working. You can simply and while being offline, change the date to the current one and your games will start working.

i know these issues are not for a lot of people, but I know lots of my fellow seamen and other people without consistent access to the internet will be having these issues. I hope this helps as it helped me.

This worked on Xbox One S as it was first tested, and I bought a Series X three months ago, and it also works. Happy gaming!

Have a good one!