1. RGL Lyrium XS

    [RGL] Redemption Gaming Live!

    Hey if your tired of gaming alone and are looking for people to play with, you should think about joining our Gaming Community! Redemption Gaming Live! Redemption Gaming Live or RGL was created to serve one purpose; to provide an environment where gamers of all kinds can come together and HAVE...
  2. xplicitdivine

    Xbox One GTA 5 vs GTA 6

    Hi all What you think about gta 5 and what needs to be in gat 6 to put it over the top.gta 5 is still good game till today let me know what you people think..
  3. D

    GTA 5 ( RP ) S.A.L.S Xbox Division

    S.A.L.S is already a huge GTA 5 xbox roleplaying clan with a lot of members, working cad/mdt, great staff and a wide range of rp times to suit everyone. But now, they have also launched an Xbox Division. The President of this division is salsxbox. The Vice-President is myself. Currently...
  4. D


    Hello! My name is Dylan and I am the owner of SandyFox! Sandy fox is a GTA 5 Xbox Clan. Here at Sandy-fox we are a role-play server! We have civilian applications, police, fire, ems, and discord staff. Currently, we only have 2 players! So apply now! We also have a fully working CAD/MDT system...
  5. R

    Original Xbox Gta cheat code problems?

    does anyone have issues entering cheats for gta 3 or vc? Havin issues with weapon cheats wen it come to the d pad part can only get 1 cheat to work which is the r black l black left down right up left down right up but the only way it works is if i put my thumb in the middle of the d pad and...
  6. B

    Grand Theft Auto 5 stock market

    Does anyone here have any tips for playing the stock market in Grand Theft Auto 5? I thought you were supposed to buy Life Invader stock right before the Life Invader assassination mission, but obviously not because I did and then the stock plummeted right after the mission. It still hasn't...