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    Xbox One Turtle Beach mic issues

    Hello all I am a newbie to this Xbox and purchased 2 Turtle Beach 50 headsets. We can hear the game action on them, but we cannot talk to each other over the mics. We are on the same system in the same house. Does the chat only work if you are playing online versus someone else?
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    Xbox One Headset not working with controller

    Hi, Yesterday I moved my xbox into a different room with another TV but when I logged on I couldn't hear any sound through my headset. I tried the headset out on a computer and got sound through it. The volume knob was turned up all the way. I have an xbox one s and the controller that came with...
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    Xbox One this controller cannot find a headset connecting to it

    When I plug in my head-set it says "go to device settings" as it cannot find a headset for the controller to connect to. if anyone knows how to solve this please give me some info on how to fix it . I have tried a hard reset of my x-box, didn't work. I have also re-set the controller to default...