Xbox One Headset not working with controller


New Member
Oct 1, 2020
Yesterday I moved my xbox into a different room with another TV but when I logged on I couldn't hear any sound through my headset. I tried the headset out on a computer and got sound through it. The volume knob was turned up all the way. I have an xbox one s and the controller that came with the one s had the same issue a long time ago and I still can't use it with a headset but the controller I use now which is just a normal xbox one controller has never had this issue before. In the top right corner when I am on the home screen, there is a microphone symbol with a line through it (pictured below). Usually this would just be a headset symbol. Is this an issue with the xbox or the controller. And do I need to buy a new controller.IMG_2108.jpg IMG_2110.jpg IMG_2109.jpg

Hi, have you been able to solve this issue yet? If not connect your headset to your controller. Open the Xbox accessories app, go down to the box with the three dots and click on it. Check if your controller needs an update and even if it says no update available click on it. You will get a screen that says "Ready to update?" Click update now and keep your headset connected to your controller while it updates. Once the update is finished click "Close" and try using your headset. Hopefully this helps!