1. J

    Red dead 2 not working

    A couple of days ago I tried to open red dead 2 to play online and it wouldn't work, I've tried plenty of things and even bought online from the store, but it still doesn't work. I've reinstalled the game about 4-5 times now and it still doesn't work. And when I open it, it just says "getting...
  2. A

    Xbox One Loss of progression when migrating

    When I migrated my Java account into my Microsoft account I noticed that when I went to play on my favorite servers I had lost all my status and progression on them. It was like I was on a new account. Any solutions?
  3. D

    Xbox One Headset not working with controller

    Hi, Yesterday I moved my xbox into a different room with another TV but when I logged on I couldn't hear any sound through my headset. I tried the headset out on a computer and got sound through it. The volume knob was turned up all the way. I have an xbox one s and the controller that came with...
  4. Ascotor

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Not Syncing Profile Picture

    I decided to start using my Xbox 360 again during quarantine. I have a new Microsoft account so I downloaded the profile on to the 360. I messed around with the avatar editor and ended up changing my profile picture to one of the avatar images. It showed up fine on the 360, however, it did not...
  5. O

    Xbox 360 USB memory issue

    Hello, people! A few weeks ago I bought an Xbox 360 Slim. It's hacked with RGH2. I downloaded some game images from Internet and to transfer them I use a USB stick for 16 GB. So, I put that stick into console's USB port and then I formatted it (using the Xbox). After that I put it into my...
  6. M

    Xbox App PC not signing me in

    I can sign into my account through other things, such as on my phone and the desktop pc, but whenever i try to do it on my laptop it refuses to work and gives my the following response: Needles to say, i have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it. I know that it says the service isnt...