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    GTA 5 ( RP ) S.A.L.S Xbox Division

    S.A.L.S is already a huge GTA 5 xbox roleplaying clan with a lot of members, working cad/mdt, great staff and a wide range of rp times to suit everyone. But now, they have also launched an Xbox Division. The President of this division is salsxbox. The Vice-President is myself. Currently...
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    SANDY FOX - GTA 5 RP ( Working CAD/MDT System)

    Hello! My name is Dylan and I am the owner of SandyFox! Sandy fox is a GTA 5 Xbox Clan. Here at Sandy-fox we are a role-play server! We have civilian applications, police, fire, ems, and discord staff. Currently, we only have 2 players! So apply now! We also have a fully working CAD/MDT system...