SANDY FOX - GTA 5 RP ( Working CAD/MDT System)

Dylan Smith

New Member
Nov 22, 2019
Hello! My name is Dylan and I am the owner of SandyFox! Sandy fox is a GTA 5 Xbox Clan. Here at Sandy-fox we are a role-play server! We have civilian applications, police, fire, ems, and discord staff. Currently, we only have 2 players! So apply now!

We also have a fully working CAD/MDT system to enhance the roleplaying experience. In this cad/mdt you can create your own licence if your a civilian - ID, driving licence, gun licence, hunting licence etc! As police/dispatcher you can check licences, id, vehicles and also inform about current jobs.

As EMS and fire, you can mark yourself to calls etc.

The discord server is all ready for you all so join here:

The club can be found on xbox at: SandyFox.