1. itspinkbabyy

    Play w me

    i’m looking for someone who’s mainly gonna play minecraft with me because i been in the mood to play but nobody ever wants to play :( i like ufc if y’all wanna get y’all ass whooped:mad: Add me wearevicky
  2. G

    Xbox One No sound coming through TV

    Ihave no sound coming through my TV or mic. I am able to speak through the mic, but I can’t hear anyone. I have attempted: - my TV audio works. TV is not muted. - updating my controller from accessories - switched HDMI cables and HDMI ports - made sure all HDMI cables are setup correctly -...
  3. M

    Xbox One Turtle Beach mic issues

    Hello all I am a newbie to this Xbox and purchased 2 Turtle Beach 50 headsets. We can hear the game action on them, but we cannot talk to each other over the mics. We are on the same system in the same house. Does the chat only work if you are playing online versus someone else?