Xbox One No sound coming through TV


New Member
Nov 8, 2021
Ihave no sound coming through my TV or mic. I am able to speak through the mic, but I can’t hear anyone. I have attempted:
- my TV audio works. TV is not muted.
- updating my controller from accessories
- switched HDMI cables and HDMI ports
- made sure all HDMI cables are setup correctly
- followed at least 3-4 YouTube videos outlining audio issues
- made sure HDMI was uncompressed setting
- power cycled, unplugged & reset my Xbox

Other notes:
- when in accessories and after I press the 3 dots, I am unable to select the volume option. It skips over it and is grayed out.
- even with a mic in my controller - I am able to mute the mic (and it lights up notifying my of being muted) and I can change the mics volume manually with the mic buttons. I can’t, however, manually change any audio settings when pressing the Xbox home button.

Any help at all would be HUGELY appreciated!