1. A

    Xbox One Loss of progression when migrating

    When I migrated my Java account into my Microsoft account I noticed that when I went to play on my favorite servers I had lost all my status and progression on them. It was like I was on a new account. Any solutions?
  2. U

    Xbox One Multiple Minecraft accounts running on same game pass

    Hello, me and my friends are thinking about pooling our money and buying game pass ultimate. Most of us main minecraft Bedrock, But some of us want to play on Java too. So i wanted to know if I could get 2 or more java accounts on 1 game pass. Thank you
  3. itspinkbabyy

    Play w me

    i’m looking for someone who’s mainly gonna play minecraft with me because i been in the mood to play but nobody ever wants to play :( i like ufc if y’all wanna get y’all ass whooped:mad: Add me wearevicky
  4. A

    Xbox One Problems w/ Minecraft & Xbox One S

    Hi there. I'm new to this forum. I've had an unusual issue since November. I'm now hoping there is someone on here who can help me out. Every time I put a game disc into the system, it works as it should. The disc will install, update & play as it should. However, I have 1 game which does NOT...
  5. arbi amaev

    Xbox One Xbox One "Privacy And Online" settings not working.

    I was trying to play Minecraft Realms, (it was free to play on Xbox One S i think) anyways. I tried to join the realms, none of the servers popped up ( i had usually 2-3 servers). I pressed "join realms" and it said : "you cannot play on realms because how your microsoft account is set up...
  6. V

    Xbox One Xbox one app data/hidden folders (question)

    Trying to pull some shenanigans with minecraft, but the app data folder is hidden and the rest of the Internet refuses to help. They give plenty of advice for Windows 10 base computers, but I can't follow the instructions on this console.