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    Xbox One Help, Controller will not connect

    So a while ago I had used my Xbox One Series S controller to play on my laptop, but ever since I haven't been able to connect it. I've tried everything Xbox says to try - using wired connection, wireless connection, holding the pair button, this, that, the other, nothing has worked, Xbox has...
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    Xbox One Need help safely turning off Xbox One X

    Hey I plan on selling my Xbox One X, So I figured I would factory reset it, Now it's at the part where I sign into a Microsoft account, Is it safe to turn it off using the power button on the console now or no, I just want to turn it off I don't want to brick it ,is it safe to turn it off? if...
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    Changing the switches rules for Xbox One

    I know this has probably already been talked about alot before and especially with the release of the xbox series x why not change the rules to allow when for example my case, I live In a terrible spot were lightning has fried 6 xbox ones and 2 xbox 360s back in the day and tvs hooked to each...
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    Xbox One 3g downloads but 4g doesnt?!

    Hello, dear gamers I need you're help. I have an incredible problem and a little story to go with it. I recently changed mobile providers to superdrug who use the 3 networks. Half the time signal doesn't reach 4g but that's just been an added annoyance. Equipped with my new all-I-can-eat...