3g downloads but 4g doesnt?!

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    Feb 24, 2020
    Hello, dear gamers I need you're help.

    I have an incredible problem and a little story to go with it.

    I recently changed mobile providers to superdrug who use the 3 networks. Half the time signal doesn't reach 4g but that's just been an added annoyance.

    Equipped with my new all-I-can-eat download capabilities figured I'd download Apex. Im not certain but it basically downloaded just enough to play the game with lower fidelity. Then told me there is a problem with the download and i should download again when my internet improves, this is now a permanent problem.

    Things I know:
    Superdrug have no blocks at all on my data
    3g signal does work
    4g works to play games or stream on the xbox
    4g works to download games in the ps4
    I did manage to download the microsoft store update using 4g
    Connecting to WiFi also works

    I have deleted stored save files, put my dns as google, reallowed things to be stored on the hdd

    Addendum to my awful experience with xbox support:
    I called xbox support waiting the 15 mintues while an over excited American tells me about Halo Wars like its a new thing (to be fair he is enjoyable to listen to :) . I get through tell my problem and give my email address after which I suspiciously lose connection. So I call again and when I get through this poor fellow is having trouble understanding my problem and im having trouble understanding him, I get the deep sense that this will be a waste of my time but fortunately after I suggest he takes my email to look at the hour long web chat I had with another 'skilled' engineer (who 1. was mildly infuriating and 2. eventually just told me to send in my xbox for repairs. I live in the UK so its not trouble to hop on a plane or pay £264 for a replacement once i'd sent mine in) The guy agrees and as soon as hes confirmed my email address hangs up on me again. ^_^
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