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    Overwatch players! Tired of toxic 100 dps 1 healer comps? Better Academy is the place for you!

    I've started a casual/competitive OverWatch team called Better Academy for Xbox gamers of all experience levels and ability ranges (SR doesn’t matter!) When I started better Academy, my only goal was to create a small community that so that I could always have some cool people to play...
  2. J

    Xbox One Terminator dawn of fate and Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines-Redemption

    Look I know it's not a famous or a popular game from the Xbox original but I would really love this too be backwards compatibility please it would be awesome I've given up on gen systems it's not because I hate them it's because they go for the most popular not for all. I can understand making...
  3. M

    Team Dominex looking for graphic designer

    Team Dominex is an Xbox One clan starting up recently and we need a graphic designer to create profile picture and background image. We don't have any money so we really need a volunteer willing to be a part of our community. Peace :)