Overwatch players! Tired of toxic 100 dps 1 healer comps? Better Academy is the place for you!

Eddie Dominguez

New Member
Apr 3, 2019
I've started a casual/competitive OverWatch team called Better Academy for Xbox gamers of all experience levels and ability ranges (SR doesn’t matter!)

When I started better Academy, my only goal was to create a small community that so that I could always have some cool people to play Overwatch with in a fun, non toxic environment. What I quickly realized was that there were a lot more people that felt the same way that I did, so my small community quickly evolved into 50+ players in that matter of a few days!

What we offer:

  • Chill environment to talk all things Overwatch: Current Metas, Characters, Map strategies, Overwatch League (Atlanta Reign all day!) etc.

  • Weekly scrims between members of the team

  • Weekly competitive group-ups

  • Scrims against other teams!

  • There will always be someone willing to party up with you and play a few matches

  • No pressure (You aren’t required to be super active, or participate in anything that you don’t want to. Your SR could go from 3000 down to 0 and no one will care or give you a hard time, we’re just here to have fun!)


- Age: 18+

- Have a pulse

If you're interested then please join our discord! Once you join the server, you will be prompted to complete a short application (just a formality, don’t worry, you’re pretty much already on the team if you join the discord!)