xbox series x

  1. J I did tried this page or the link and every it does not work for me what I should do in this case or situation any suggestion the help and advice are approciated be kind if you not mind please and thank you? Yours sincerely Jevgeni
  2. S

    Game Pass offline on Xbox consoles

    Good day everyone! I am a recent Xbox owner and I must say I'm not completely happy of how limited the console is while offline. Can't access recordings or screenshots and most settings are locked behind an internet connection. I could live with all of that but I also realized something else...
  3. T

    LED local dimming

    I have an Xbox Series X and have an LG nano85una TV. The goal I want is to have Local LED Dimming turned off on the TV at all times while using the xbox series x. Local LED Dimming is off when I’m on the xbox home menu, until I launch a game, then the TV says instant game response in the right...
  4. Gamewatcher

    Vudu app failing on Xbox since early March

    I posted much of the following to the Xbox community last week (revised to reflect recent findings), and the conclusion is that there is a problem with the VUDU streaming app and not my networking or ISP. I would love to know if anyone else is encountering this issue as so far VUDU has implied...
  5. Series Smith

    Xbox Series X|S general questions

    If I'm on next-gen and buy the series x|s version of a game can I play online with someone on current-gen with Xbox one version of the game? Can't find an answer to this question anywhere. [UPDATE] I found this on Xbox's Website: Yes. If a game is available to play on both Xbox Series X|S and...
  6. S

    Xbox One TY The Tasmanian Tiger Looks Pretty Darn Good On Xbox One

  7. I

    Xbox One Ordered Xbox from Microsoft store on the 10th.

    Hello, I ordered my xbox series x release night from the micosoft store. When can I expect it to be shipped? It still shows pending on my orders.
  8. A

    James Bond 007 Nightfire backwards compatibility

    I have not found a list of games that will be compatible for the Xbox Series X. I saw that it is currently not compatible with the Xbox One, but I did see an article saying 007 Nightfire would be the only James Bond game that will be compatible with the Xbox Series X. Any insight and/or a list...
  9. P

    Will old Xbox One DLC codes work on Series X?

    I have a couple dlc codes for RDR2 and Fallout 4 so will i be able to re-use them. My brother and i will probably use the same account except ill be on Series X and he will be on Xbox One so we wont be able to play at the same time so it would help if it will be possible to re input these codes...