90% Morons Motorsport 23


New Member
Oct 22, 2023
Getting as bad as PS GT7 Live Races mostly ramming cheat morons! Hope their consoles catch fire. No respect, no skill, no intention of skill, it is not like other games, to race live oyu need respect, skill, patience and ability. Sadly most you are lacking in one or more of these! So far in the first week or so tis does not bode well for long term quality live racing in Motorsport. Maybe they might all get sick!
I'm more into Forza Horizon then Forza Motorsport so I can't say much about that game. Hopefully your experiences get better, but I stopped playing multiplayer games some time ago because of all the toxicity from xbox and ps players.
Thanks mate. I think sadly I may have to continue doing exactly that myself for the same reason. It is why I gave up on consoles and PS. But maybe they might make ramming penalties severe enough that the perpetrators might just learn respect. Live in FH5 is just a bad so I don't do that mostly. Cheers BTW Motorsport racing against the gam eis very good though.