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    Xbox Series X and Motorsport Total Disappointment..

    At first seemed great then this box of junk became as bas as a PS4/PS5 and /Motorsport as bad as GT7. Does no one learn? Rammers mostly respect noting and no one the only thing that works at all is banning. First by the race, then by the day, then the week etc.... other wise it just becomes like...
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    Xbox Series X and Motorsport 23

    Total junk as bad as PS5. Game sticks and the Console freezes. Then can't get back into the Live Race. Refurbished by MS so like new, what total rip-off! Mostly what is so scary with the L:ive Racing is that some of these idiots might actually be allowed to legally drive real cars! God help us...
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    Xbox Motorsport -V- PS5 GT7

    Spent 4 years with PS4 (modified SSD) and PS5 with GT Sport and GT7, now racing in Motorsport (23). Motorsport is definitely better than GT7 if you are using proper racing wheel and pedals/shifter. Gt7 seems noy so sharp on graphics, and Forza cars are much better detailed. As for the racing the...
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    90% Morons Motorsport 23

    Getting as bad as PS GT7 Live Races mostly ramming cheat morons! Hope their consoles catch fire. No respect, no skill, no intention of skill, it is not like other games, to race live oyu need respect, skill, patience and ability. Sadly most you are lacking in one or more of these! So far in the...