Activision Prices for old Games

Joseph Lach

New Member
Nov 27, 2020
Dear COD community,
Dear Treyarch and Microsoft,
I would like to address the price listing for the dlc packs for the black ops series. In short, the old games have not decreased their prices, which is extremely disappointing.
To give the most compelling example, black ops 1 (2010) has multiple dlc packs for their zombies, around 15 dollars each. Black ops 3 (2015) recreated those zombies with new graphics and gameplay, all for 20 dollars. You read that right. For a full 50 dollars, you can get all the old and worse versions of the same maps you can get for 20 dollars remade in bo3. Here’s another person addressing the same issue:

I raise this issue in hopes that Treyarch or Microsoft, whoever is actually in charge of the pricing, will lower the prices for older games and their dlc packs. I really want the mob of the dead map pack for black ops 2. However, it’s 15 dollars. I’ll give you five Treyarch. Take it or leave it. The game is eight years old, and it’s Black Friday.