call of duty

  1. Talos2kX

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi, I just joined these forums, looking for more friends on the Xbox One. I mainly play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and others from time to time. I also created a new club on Xbox One; Resident Evil Community Club of Talos It's there for experienced...
  2. R

    Xbox One Warzone verdansk issues

    Hi guys, I really ned help pls. If I start playing warzone / cod , the map Verdanks, every time the queue is starting and the loading screen for the game is coming , I’m getting kicked out of the game and back to the Xbox Home Screen. If I play a different map for example rebirth island there...
  3. J

    Activision Prices for old Games

    Dear COD community, Dear Treyarch and Microsoft, I would like to address the price listing for the dlc packs for the black ops series. In short, the old games have not decreased their prices, which is extremely disappointing. To give the most compelling example, black ops 1 (2010) has multiple...
  4. C

    Xbox One Can’t find game after I uninstalled it

    Recently had problems with CoD Cold War with it saying I didn’t own the game, so I uninstalled it and can not reinstall from the store.
  5. L

    Call Of Duty Zombies

    Hello, looking for help with Call of Duty Zombies either World War 2 or Black Ops 4 Please add GT: L0sky Thanks!
  6. J

    Xbox One Call of Duty Warzone

    In Warzone I can hear and talk to players on other platforms but Xbox players always show mute. I have not muted them and I cannot figure out how to solve the problem. Any ideas?
  7. R

    Redemption Gaming Join now!

    Redemption Gaming is recruiting new members For halo 5, call of duty and division. Mic Required we have got a website, discord server, tons of events/competitions, and active players so you will always have someone to play with. If interested just shoot me a message thx! Here are the Benefits of...
  8. SashaS

    Xbox One New Call of Duty Title Leaked By PSN

    Turns out the PlayStation network accidentally leaked the next Call of Duty title on their store and most fans will probably be disappointed to hear that its going to be called Inifnite Warfare. Not World At War II, not Modern Warfare 4, not Ghosts II, nope... Inifnite Warfare. This further...
  9. deathbyprayer

    Xbox One So what do you expect from this game?

    I'm surprised nobody is going on about this game yet in this forum, seems like nobody is that excited at all, anyways. Now this is kind of a new take on the franchise seeing that it's now going way ahead to the future. I've only seen some footage so I can't really say much but I just want to...
  10. booker

    Xbox One COD Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

    Well, that tsunami hitting the coast line looks pretty awesome. The gameplay is dynamic and fast paced but all the weapons look like insta kill machines. What's up with that?
  11. troutski

    Xbox One Changes I'd like to see in Advanced Warfare

    The following are things I'd like to see in Advanced Warfare whether they've been announced or not. I think these things would make the game far better than some of the more recent CoD games. - More verticality to each multiplayer map (exoskeleton) - A more interesting melee system...
  12. andrew172

    Xbox One Exoskeletons

    Call of Duty seems to be making a big song and dance about the addition of exoskeletons being added to the game. But do you guys really think they'll make much difference? I can't see them changing the gameplay mechanic that much other than maybe being able to grab things to make shield that you...

    Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announced/leaked

    via IGN Well it's hard to gather much excitement for a Call of Duty game these days (at least that's my opinion), but here we are a year from the last one. This time Sledgehammer will have their turn at bat and whether or not that will make a difference is yet to...
  14. sc_shark

    Xbox One New Call of Duty from Sledghammer hear is the official teaser page im intrested to see what they are going to try and do... i mean as bad as bf4 launch was... bf4 if it was in the condition it is in today at...

    Xbox One Call Of Duty Ghosts Xbox One update reduces performance

    Source: CVG Well this is disappointing if you've been passing the game release dry spell by playing some COD, have any of you felt the affects of the update? I didn't pick up Ghost, since it didn't seem interesting to me and therefore don't know how much of a disturbance the update was...
  16. rkkeller

    Xbox One Finally beat COD Ghosts !!!

    I know this might not be a big deal to a lot of you, but for me it is as I am not that good at playing video games really. Finally after playing since release day, I finished it last night. Woooooooo.... I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. The ending once I was there, I sort of...
  17. C

    Xbox One I start Ghost and the Campaign starts???

    Just like the title says. Every time I start my Call of Duty Ghost game for Xbox One, it does not take me to the menu, it takes me to where your supposed to press start to go to the menu, but instead of letting me hit start, it says reading save(or something like that) and then starts to load...

    Xbox One Ghosts title update adding eSports rules

    Source: Polygon I know I'm in the minority in not picking up Call of Duty for my XB1 so I'm sure many of you will be excited to be receiving this path. I was never big on the eSports aspect of gaming and so I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the topic? Is it something that interest you...
  19. R

    Xbox One Ghosts gets DLC release date

    Huhn... apparently just like real life, online no one really cares about what's happening with Ghosts. Anyway, the Onslaught DLC is getting a release date and hopefully that drums up more interest for people to get back into the game. You wanna know when it comes out you say? Well the...
  20. X

    Xbox One Cod Ghosts on XBone

    So i had Ghosts on the 360 and was having a blast, i was doing so good averaging 20-5 a game and since ive got the xbox one and have the ghost version it plays so differently and i cannot stand it! it seems like you die so much faster and hit detection is terrible compaired to the 360 and idk...