Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Zombies How to Teleport and Locations (Tranzit Mode)


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Aug 28, 2012
How to Teleport
The teleporters or portals in the game can be used to transport players from one location to another quickly. They are scattered in 8 different locations all over the map so we're here to help find them, see the bottom of the post for the locations. In order to activate the teleporters, you have to turn on the power at the Power Station or use a turbine at the teleporter. Check out the parts building guide if you need to know how to turn on the power. Once the power is turned on, the teleporters will appear as green-lit street lights / lamp post in their locations. To activate a teleport location you'll need to stand in the fog and get a denizin on your back. Once you have one of those clawing away at you, bring it to the teleport pole that is has a green light coming from. As you get under it, the denizin will crawl into ground creating a hole in the ground that you can jump into to teleport to a different area of the map. Remember if you use a turbine be sure to grab it before you jump, don't want to leave it behind and all.


Teleporter Locations:

Use the video guide below if your still having problems locating these teleporters.

Bus Depot - This one is located by the bus in the first area when you start. If you look behind the bus its their. Or if the bus isn't in the area then you should see it perfectly.

Town (Fog Area) Their are two located here. These are located by the bank down the ally while your running back to the bus depot in the fog. One is before the bridge and one right after it.

Diner - This one is located by the shed in the same map that you need a turbine to open.

Diner to Farm (Fog Area) - If you go past the shed at the diner area and into the fog, keep going and you'll see it on right hand side.

Farm to Corn Fields (Fog Area) -
This one is on route from the farm to the corn field.

Corn Fields to Power Station (Fog Area)-
You'll see this one right before you get the power station.

Power Station to Town (Fog Area) -
You'll see this one while traveling in the fog between the power station and the town.

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