Borderlands dev might announce a PS4/Xbox One this year

Yes, it will be released together with Wolfenstein but I think they are planning on releasing it as a freebie just as long as you but Wolfenstein.
Wait a sec.... isn't it the new Doom beta the one that gets bundled with the new Wolfenstein?
A new Duke Nukem that soon? Better hope it's better than Forever.

Nono you see, they announce the next Duke Nukem now. And then our pre-orders can be picked up by our grandchildren on holo disc format. Gotta keep the trend going.
Yeah, they have to. I'm really a fan of Duke Nukem ever since they released the very first game way back.
Duke Nukem Forever was the best version you played? What?
Duke nukem forever man, that was the best version that I've played, But I'd rather pick Doom.

WHAT?! You.... you actually like Duke Nukem Forever? Well.... that's new. Everywhere I go, Forever is rated like it was trash. But YOU like it? How come? Just curious.
What?? Really man? I would understand if he liked Wolfenstein but Duke Nukem??