Favorite Mario Game


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Jul 8, 2012
My husband decided he would spend his Saturday afternoon playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii. I love how the game still looks and sounds like Mario, but with much improved graphics. Taking into account all of the Nintendo platforms out there, which is your all-time favorite Mario game?
I don't have a favorite one, any Mario game will do. It's a classic, IMO. I don't have a Wii at home but when I visit my friends I often play on theirs. Mario is fun regardless of the version, I even play it on the PC from time to time, to remember old times. It's fun :D
Well, I like all the Mario games - or at least, all the ones that I have played. Still, it's hard for me not to favor the Mario games that were released for the Super Nintendo, because I have such fond memories of playing them when I was a kid. :)
Probably Super Mario Galaxy.
I just love the graphics it's amazing, the gameplay is great, and the boss battle is fun.
It's the best out of all the the Mario games for me.
I would have to say Mario Paper I completed the whole game and played it over and over. I love the graphics of the game and it is really fun to play
Super Mario 64 was my favorite Mario game. It was really unique and the gameplay was just all around fun. The game itself was very challenging, but I always seemed to work hard to beat it.
I stopped playing Mario a long time ago, I think it's a bit too easy. Although,the new ones seem to have a higher level of difficulty but I haven't tried them out yet.
Super Mario galaxy is my favourite recent mario game along with Yoshi island, they are the most innovative mario games in the story of the franchise.
I would have to say our favorite is New Super Mario Bros. on the wii. We have gotten so addicted to that game and we would not stop until we beat it! But we finally did.
I' love Nintendo 64..I just don't know why I can't run away from this game. I feel old for the game but can't fight the temptation to play..:D :D
Mine has to be Super Mario Bros. 3. I loved being able to fly and the levels were so much fun to play. I remember the matching game. It felt like being able to play slot machines in Las Vegas. I wonder if that is where I first picked up my gambling kick. I still play it on my laptop.
I'm a fan of mario kart but I have to say then when I upgraded to the N64 and first saw Mario doing backflips in full 3D I was blown away. For that reason Super Mario is still one of my favorites. I don't remember any other huge improvements in gameplay being quite so dramatic as that was.

I've been a gamer a long time and I've become a collector of good games over the years, looking over at my collection I see a whole lot of Mario in there :)
Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite side-scrolling Mario game aaaaaand I don't really like the 3D Mario games (I was bored to tears by Galaxy 1, never played Galaxy 2). I think it's just nostalgia talking, though, since I played quite a lot of SMB3 when I was a kid...
My favourites are Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, and the couple games before those. I haven't really gotten into the newest ones that much, but I'd like to try them eventually :p Maybe after my current line up of games!
What a great thing to think about. If I had to choose, I would probably choose Super Mario 64. It is my favorite game from the Nitendo 64, and one of my all time favorite games. I personally think that it has a great storyline and also a long one for it's time. It's not just some game you finish in a couple days. Usually it takes a while to finish!
I never had a Nintendo 64 or Gamecube, so I only had played the game on the orginal console and now on the Wii. I do enjoy Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, only because I know what the hell I am suppose to do! ;)
My favorite will always be Paper Mario: The Thousand-year Door for Gamecube and Super Mario RPG for SNES. I wasn't born on the SNES era but I was able to play it after buying the retron3. Mario will always be a legend in gaming. I'm pretty sure Mario will still be famous no matter how terrible a spin-off is.