Favorite old school PC game


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Nov 13, 2012
I was thinking about all the games I used to play on my computer before the advent of consoles. I was thinking about all the games that used to be popular back then and I remember getting a kick out of Oregon Trail even though I never actually made it to Oregon. I died of cholera and dysentery a lot. What is your favorite old school PC game?
I hate the word 'old-school' as used in this context since it is going to make my favorite game look outdated:D. To answer you though, I'm a proud addict of Midtown Madness. It is one of the PC Games I can't beat however hard I tried and that's why I would stick with it till I win all the races. To prevent more questions, this is Midtown Madness I
I remember playing Wolfenstein when I was in high school. We would go in the library on lunch and play. I don't remember a lot about the actual game though since that was a whole lot of years ago.
My favorite of the old school is Ultima by far. For a long time, that was the DEFACTO rpg game. But unfortunately, EA bought the franchise, screwed it up, and then dismantled the main developer team for it. And thus, Ultima hasn't been heard of for years ever since.
I used to play a game called MU

I dunno if anyone ever heard of it but I started on the MU Dream server and when it went down moved to MU Heroia, Was in the top 50 players on there for quite some time but ended up getting out of it.

I Guess it was kind of like a free version of WoW, but the main MU server had like millions of people and took forever to level up so I stuck to the private ones.
I still play Commandos 2: Men of Courage. Simple graphics but really fun gameplay...kinda like chess with guns.
I miss the old Sierra games...Loved Leisure Suite Larry (NOT the awful Vivendi 360 game) and King's Quest, Space Quest, etc. Loved those!
I loved the Original Halo. It was the game that got me into gaming. Favorite game of all time.
Got to say, I miss all the old adventure games that were so popular on the pc. I played Myst and Riven until I was sure I was going to start pulling out my hair. My first action-y pc game would of been Wolfenstein which everyone thought was amazing because of the "3D". Well, it sort of looked like 3D but that's what made me sell my Commodore Amiga and buy mu first pc. It was a 386SX. Oh, the power.
For me it's Heroes of might and magic 3. I would play the game again if I could find people to play with :|
The wizardry series was my favorite. But I do remember playing Oregon trail. We used to have to play it in school as an assignment. Of course this was quite a long time ago.
My favourite old school game is definitely Duke Nukem. It was the most amazing game that I ever played and I will always remember the great time I had playing it with my friends.
StarCraft and both Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 is right there at the top of my list!! I still have a copy of BG 1 and 2 in my PC and I'm playing it everytime I'm bored tbh.

But my favorite is Red Alert 2!! Dunno if you can call this an old-school already but it's pretty old so I guess. Like seriously, who doesn't like this game?
This is definitely the number 1 in my list.
I'm not sure this is considered a "classic" but I did love Nanosaur by Pangea Software. It was a great dinosaur game! I remember sneaking and playing it at school, even though they put it on our computers. *teehee* It was a perfect blend of dinosaurs, lasers, and action.
My favorite old school pc game is heroes of might and magic i can't even remember which one but i remember just not understanding it at all but just spending hours on it, i think the yogscast did a video on it recently.
C&C and Red Alert, best strategy games ever, I quite like the original Starcraft too. I still play C&C/RA now, especially as there's OpenRA available.
System Shock 2 is one of those games that i can keep coming to play and have a blast. Especially with that recent "official" patch that came out which made the game engine 8x better and playable on all the latest OS.
My favorite game is Dune 2 by Westwood Studios. It was also the game that made me bought my first PC and got me into PC gaming. There were some variations such as Super Dune 2 and the newer Dune 2K. I still remember having to click each 'unit' and giving them orders and how tedious it was! In modern games, we can just drag a box and select a bunch of units.

Dune 2 kinda popularized and set the standards for the modern RTS games... paving way for games such as Command & Conquer and its dozen of sequels.
I think it's either Quake II/III or Half-Life. Granted I'm not the biggest FPS fan, but those games were a complete game changer when they were released. Quake delivered us some of the most addicting multiplayer and Half-Life solidified gaming as a story telling medium once and for all.
Diablo II if it counts, but if we have to go back really far, I'll go with Doom II. The FPS granddaddy is still fun to this day, and it was super influential.