Fortnite with keyboard and mouse


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Jun 7, 2022
Hi All.

My daugther (11) just brought her first Xbox series X. She had looking forward to play Fortnite with keyboard and mouse.
But... I can't get it to work. The Keybord works fine in the Xbox menu. It also works in the Fortnite menu and i can also move the mouse. But when the game starts, its only the controller that works.
So is there a setting or something that i have missed?
All youtube videos they just plugs it in and then i works.
Hi. Thanks for replying. I can't see if all the settings are correct? When i start up the game it stats in "keyboard" mode. So when she's going to jump out of the bus, the command is "use Spacebar to jump" It dosen't work (or any key) then she turns on the controller and then she can play(with the controller)
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Try turning on the setting labeled "lock input method as mouse" then see if that makes a change.
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