1. T

    Xbox 360 Download Profile Error

    Recently I've been having a lot of issues trying to download my main Xbox profile on to my 360. Basically what happens is I enter my email/password, the profile begins to download and then after 10-15 minutes it comes up with an error message and fails to download it. I know this has been a...
  2. M

    Xbox banned from a xbox player

    I got my xbox account banned from a guy called bubbles on Xbox and he banned me using a ban tool and now my account is permanently banned and I can't even get it back. This is the site he used to get the tool and other stuff. Site-
  3. J

    Xbox 360 Original Xbox Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 on Xbox 360 S

    I have an Xbox 360 S Model 1439 and I really wanted to play the original Xbox Star Wars battlefront 1&2. So I bought a 250 GB Microsoft Xbox 360 S hard drive Model 1451 and both Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 as disc's. When I insert the CD of either game the main menu screen recognizes that Star...
  4. D

    Can't connect xbox one controller to windows 10 PC via bluetooth dongle

    Hello community! I recently purchased an Xbox one controller and a CSR 4.0 USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter to use with my windows 10 PC. I am currently running the latest available update (21H2) for my PC. I have tried: restarting my PC restarting my controller (by doing the 6 second button hold)...
  5. itspinkbabyy

    Play w me

    i’m looking for someone who’s mainly gonna play minecraft with me because i been in the mood to play but nobody ever wants to play :( i like ufc if y’all wanna get y’all ass whooped:mad: Add me wearevicky
  6. Whyte wolf

    I got proof that an Xbox Staff member stole my identity

    I have a whole bunch of stuff to show that in 2018 my Xbox account aka WHYTEWOLF78 was banned for life for no reason other than to try and exploit me for $$. I have emails,FTC Identity Theft Report,F.B.I. Cybercrime Unit report, Police Records for the individual involved. Ironically they had...
  7. B

    Fortnite with keyboard and mouse

    Hi All. My daugther (11) just brought her first Xbox series X. She had looking forward to play Fortnite with keyboard and mouse. But... I can't get it to work. The Keybord works fine in the Xbox menu. It also works in the Fortnite menu and i can also move the mouse. But when the game starts...
  8. O

    What the hell is with this new Naming system???

    So apparently i cant have the name Ozzy275 without 4 numbers being added onto it... WHAT THE HELL!? i wasted $9 for a game i didn't even want! and at first it says oh you can have Ozzy275#1436... so i thought it'd be like Discord or Activision ID.. but NOOOOO. Log on to my Series X and my name...
  9. Series Smith

    Xbox Series X|S general questions

    If I'm on next-gen and buy the series x|s version of a game can I play online with someone on current-gen with Xbox one version of the game? Can't find an answer to this question anywhere. [UPDATE] I found this on Xbox's Website: Yes. If a game is available to play on both Xbox Series X|S and...
  10. S

    Xbox One TY The Tasmanian Tiger Looks Pretty Darn Good On Xbox One

  11. b.designs

    Portable XBOX - Video concept

    Hey! I created a video concept of what could be a portable Xbox. I think it could be a very interesting gaming console as it can offer a great offline gaming experience, but also have been built with Xcloud in mind. When you're connected to Xcloud you'll be able to play on the same device with...
  12. A

    Xbox One Problems w/ Minecraft & Xbox One S

    Hi there. I'm new to this forum. I've had an unusual issue since November. I'm now hoping there is someone on here who can help me out. Every time I put a game disc into the system, it works as it should. The disc will install, update & play as it should. However, I have 1 game which does NOT...
  13. S

    Recruiting 15 and up for SFP (savagely feared productions)

    Hello, im a Captain for SFP and i need more members in my squad we are one of the biggest clans on Xbox. we are a big family and want more people to grow with. What you need to do is: 1. 15 and up 2. sign up on web sight and discord for communication and more people to play with. 3...
  14. K

    Xbox One Xbox one S Headphones

    Hello! I've been having a lot of difficulties with my headphones on Xbox one S. All my headphones break in less than a month. I've tried everything. I tried to return the original controller to the seller but they didn't accept it because I had tried to open the controller and remove any dust...
  15. Juicyz

    Xbox One Xbox Companion app

    Hey guys, I'm trying to stream from my Xbox to my laptop via internet connection and when I first used the companion app it worked perfectly but now I can't seem to get any video working. It has audio but no video. Anyone know why this is happening?
  16. N

    Xbox One 10 best Xbox One games you must played.

    As an Xbox one gamer, I have played much game. But I have listed the 10 best games they are very amazing. These games are fun and enjoyable to play. The games list is given below.
  17. M

    Xbox One Weird Xbox One

    So I bought an Xbox One for $15 about two years ago. It was broken and was given to me in pieces. I put it together and bought a new hard drive and power supply for it. I downloaded the OS from the Xbox website and was finally able to get it working. As soon as it booted for the first time, I...
  18. I

    Discord Nitro

    I bought Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but when I go to perks tab in Xbox app Discord Code is not there
  19. X

    LFG who love looter shooters - Borderlands 3

    Brothers In Arms (BIA) is a XBOX CO-OP PVE (NON-COMPETITIVE) Looting & Shooting Clan/Team where Newbies and ALL skill levels are welcomed, and we play for fun. BIA is about playing together in a friendly, non-competitive, safe and positive gaming experience/atmosphere for everyone…FREE from...
  20. LodleLive

    Original Xbox Code 07 appears when I turn on Xbox

    Hello, I have recently got my original Xbox down from the attic, band when I turned it on, it worked, but the disc tray wouldn't open, I tried a method to try and get it open, but it wouldn't open, and eventually, when I turned it on, the code 07 error appeared on my screen. How do I fix it?