Xbox 360 Game Exclusives


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Apr 12, 2012
I wish consoles would stop having exclusive games or even just exclusive DLC or in-game items. I want to be able to play God of War on my Xbox without having to dish out hundreds of dollars on another console. I'm guessing a lot of people own both but I see that as a waste of money.
I agree with you! I'm a big fan of the God of War series too, but we can't afford to buy a Playstation 3. There are a few other "Playstation Only" titles I like as well, but there aren't enough to justify me spending several hundred dollars on a new console. I think consoles will always have some of their own exclusive titles though, just to keep an edge over the competition.
What really aggravates me is the other exclusive that spirited pointed out - when DLC comes out only for a certain console, even though the game is available on multiple platforms. When that happens, all the other-console players have to do without the DLC, because who is really going to buy the favored console and then buy the game all over again just so they can download the DLC???