Xbox 360 Game show games


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Jan 20, 2012
Do you own any game show games for the XBox? How fun can they be? I’m talking about these types: Millionaire, Family Feud, The Price is Right and Jeopardy. I once had a plug-n-play game that was Wheel of Fortune and I grew bored quickly. I don’t own any of these games yet, not sure I would pay for them.
I don't have any game show type of games for the Xbox, but I've played them on the computer. You mentioned Wheel of Fortune. Did you ever play Phraze Craze? It was just like Wheel of Fortune. I think it's still around, but it was one of the first PC games that I can remember.
I do not have any of these games on my Xbox, but I have considered getting Family Feud. I really love the television show Family Feud, and think the game might be fun.
I always liked Family Feud, too, Gwyn. For me, it wouldn't be worth $35 which is the price that GameStop is asking for the pre-owned version, though. If I could get it for a lot less or in a bundle of games, I'd think about it. I'd still like to play a trial version first. One person who has played it said that the graphics are kind of blurry when you're typing in your answers. That makes it tough especially when you're trying to beat the clock.
I recommend the Family Game Night games, since you get multiple board games in one. When it comes to games based on game shows, most of them are mediocre at best.
You're probably right about these TV games, 360vixen. It's different watching a show on television when the host is funny and the excitement factor is part of the production. You don't realize that the game itself is kind of ho-hum.
I've played Family Feud, Millionaire, and Wheel of Fortune at a friend's house. We agreed that Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune are pretty fun. I wouldn't recommend Millionaire though, it's a bit dull.
Personally I love board games so if we were going to have a fmaily game night (which we do) I'd pull out the board games. I've never heard of Phaze Craze... was it fun? $35 is a lot for these types of games!