Jaiden Louderback

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May 17, 2018
hi my name is Jaiden Louderback or know on Xbox was McNuts1. I've been part of the Xbox family since the release of Xbox back in 2010 and from then on I knew I had the perfect gaming system. but for the past couple of days I've been in grief becuase i found out that my system has been banned PERMENTALLY. know I've tried my best with doing the case reviews and even called the support line and have been getting no where. look form the bottom of my heart I am extremely sorry in what I have done or done in the past but I've been but being part of Xbox for over 8 years and thus getting this is just heart breaking. Plus thousands of dollars down the drain is just the crappiest part. I am willing to do anything and mean anything Microsoft/Xbox that means from a vidoe or post or anything you want in return just to have my account restored to its originality i just don't see my self going to Sony and buying a ps4 please contact me anyone ANYONE I'm in literal tears over this and I'm just about to graduate and it's just a downwards slope for me