1. D

    Suspension / Communication Ban

    It has come to my attention that I was recently communication banned / suspended of my public abilities on Xbox the night beforehand I was sent messages saying I was “racist” I went to see what all the messages were about and it was my sister who was being immature saying in group posts across...
  2. J

    Money withdrawn but account suspended for unpaid bill

    So I have game pass and the £10.99 has been taken from my bank account but according to xbox I haven't paid it and my account has been suspended and each time I've contacted the support line I get hung up on so I don't know what to do like the money came out of my account and went to them so I...
  3. M


    Hi, I'm new to this and hoping to hear from someone from Xbox that can help me get this enforcement issue fixed. If anyone from Xbox sees this and/or if anyone can help relay this message to them. that would be much appreciated. Full disclosure, I earned my first one-day communication ban...
  4. J

    Help me Xbox

    hi my name is Jaiden Louderback or know on Xbox was McNuts1. I've been part of the Xbox family since the release of Xbox back in 2010 and from then on I knew I had the perfect gaming system. but for the past couple of days I've been in grief becuase i found out that my system has been banned...
  5. R


    Hey please help me, I have never begged for anything before.My Xbox account has been Permanently Suspended and I need to somehow get in contact with the Enforcement Team, I have already done a case review and that was before I found out why I got banned. Now that I know why I've been banned I...
  6. T

    Xbox One Enforcement on Xbox

    Today i received an email that my account from permanently banned. I went onto the link that they posted and it turns out i got banned for soliciting etc. I submitted a case review and went looking for more information. Most suspensions/bans are 1,7, or 14 days and my type of suspension followed...
  7. S

    I need help making a case to be unbanned

    Ok, so I really stopped playing xbox live a long time ago. Got tired of paying for it and moved on to PC. What occurred to cause my permanent suspension was I had used a mod tool a long time ago to change my avatars color to purple skin, and they I guess warned me a bunch of times but I never...