How many games do you play on your PC?

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Nov 13, 2012
I rarely play on the PC anymore. Of course, this can be a result of being an adult with a job and a new Xbox but there are still a few PC games I like to play from time to time? What about you? How many PC games do you still play?
Right now, I'm into DC Universe Online and The Secret World. Both are free to play games though. Which of course, means microtransactions for most of the "good" stuff.
My all-time favorite PC game is probably Counter-Strike. I love how you can find servers with people from your country, who speak the same language you do, and how you can always join the same server, with the same people (unlike COD, or many other games).
Let's see... Currently, I'm only active in League of Legends and Guild Wars 2.
I have EverQuest sitll on my computer, but I rarely play it... same goes for Perfect World.
Since school is in, I don't really get to play many games anymore.
Yeah.... i'm still playing Diablo 3 on the PC. All which will end whenever valve decides to finally give me Half Life 2 Episode 3. But i play the old Master of Magic game once in a while. I know its an older game but i always have fun playing it.
I used to be an avid PC gamer, which is strange because a lot of the games I played were quite small but they hooked me. Transport Tycoon anyone? Oh, and I had the original Diablo too. Cool game. Today, I play a lot of Command and Conquer. I play that again and again. This week I'm going to buy Diablo 3 and see it laugh in my face as I install it on my low spec computer.
I'm in the Racing PC games..It may sound odd, but I'm addicted to classic racing games such as the Microsoft's MidTown Madness...and Road Rash bike games..:D. As for the number of times I play, I 'd say thrice a week on average!
I usually play WOW and in the meantime some other games like Far Cry 3 or DMC ;) I try to play no more than 2 or 3 games on one time, because more is too much confusing ;)
I'm currently playing Starcraft2 and few first person games like Amnesia and Antichamber.
I actually play a lot of games on my PC. Right now I'm going through super meat boy, Skyrim (with a horrifying amount of mods), and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (Cthulu and Sherlock Holmes anyone?).
The only games I like playing on my PC are:
-Sims 3
-Solitaire games haha
-Hidden object games. I love Mystery Case Files :p
I haven't actually played a game on my PC before. It tends to get mad when I use it for recreational purposes.. :(
Right now, I'm into DC Universe Online and The Secret World. Both are free to play games though. Which of course, means microtransactions for most of the "good" stuff.

Would you mind sharing the link(s) I feel like in need to try something unfamiliar...:D. By the way I've never played DC Universe.
I'm really into League of Legends right now, besides LoL i also like to play shooters on PC. Shooters tend to be alot better on PC simply because the accuracy of the PC. Platformers tend to be alot more enjoyable on consoles though, something of having a controller to move your character on screen is just alot better.
I play anno1777. I play the tile game Majong. I play bowling. This is about all that I play on my PC.
Lately I've only been playing Minecraft and old games I feel nostalgia towards on my PC.
Most recently the nostalgia quota has been filled by the Tony Hawk series. I played through THPS 1-3, now I'm playing American Wasteland (I think this one is my favorite), then I'm planning on doing THUG 1-2.
Also, Diablo II - waiting for Blizzard to come to their senses and make Diablo 3 (it hasn't happened yet, shush!)