I discovered how to record games at 60fps on Xbox one x!

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    Mar 31, 2020
    Hello all! This is my very first post. Hopefully it's a useful one!!

    I'm sure lots of people already know this, but there is a way to record games at 60fps on the Xbox one x without having to buy recording software. I tested modern warfare and ace combat 7 and was able to record at 60fps. Heres what I did..

    I think you have to do this every time before you record

    • Navigate to settings > display > video fidelity > switch from."auto detect" to "HDMI"
    • press B once to brings you back to settings > display
    • for display, I switched it to 1080p (1080p tv), and I changed the refresh rate to 120 from 60
    • simply go back to your game and simply record

    Note: I have a curved Samsung monitor and it doesn't support 120hz. However, my insignia tv accepted 120hz

    Modern Warfare:

    Ace combat 7:

    Hopefully this is useful and not something everyone already knows

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