Xbox 360 Mafia 2 Cheats


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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Mafia 2 cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Mafia 2 Unlockables/Cheats

Easy money
Go to Bruski's Scrapyard you will find a random car parked next to the car crusher. Since there are no cops around, break into the car instead of picking the lock. Drive the car into the car crusher, and crush it to get about $400. Drive it out of the scrap through the north exit located on the map using your car. Go down this road until you pass under a bridge, then turn around and go return to the scrap yard. Another random car will have respawned. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can also easily get the "Proper Scrapper" achievement using this method.

Go and spend some money in any store, then pull out a gun and rob the store. You will get more money than if you just robbed the store without spending money. Note: If you need the money badly, rob a gun store.

Avoid dying near cars
When you are hiding behind a car during a gun battle, stay as far from the engine as possible. Enemy gunfire can cause it to explode and kill you.

Removing wanted level
When you are wanted, find the nearest phone, and make a call. You will be given the choice to bribe the police. Choose to bribe them, and a policeman will pick up. You will no longer be wanted after the call.

Zero Wing reference
When you go to prison, you will find a crazy man in the center of the prison yard. He says phrases such as "All your base are belong to us", "Someone set us up the bomb", and "You have no chance to survive make you time", from Zero Wing. If you talk to him, he will run away.
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Removing wanted level
Change your clothing (duh)
Just rob a clothing store and you will remove it.