Xbox One Monitor or TV


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Oct 19, 2020
We would like to buy our son either a monitor or TV for his bedroom for his 15th birthday. He will mainly be using it for his XBox One.

Please could someone advise what features we need it to have and whether we are better getting a monitor or TV?

At the moment he doesn't watch much TV apart from football but I want whatever we get to last long term. So I understand we have the option of getting him a TV or a monitor with a separate box and speakers to enable him to watch TV on it. We have been advised he needs a refresh rate of 144hx and a response time of 1ms but this doesn't mean much to me and I wondered if this is something that is necessary or just a nice to have depending on budget. If we get a TV we feel we are better getting a Smart TV. Also, are particular brands better to buy?

Our budget is about £180 at the most.

I have no idea where to start and have been getting conflicting advice from shops so was looking for neutral options please.
Hello my name jeff

I can help you
I will give you my opinion and what I use
I have 4k TV
It is excellent and has been in operation for more than 4 years
And it did not react, knowing that I use it daily
For TV and playing
If you are asking about the brand, I use (sharp)

You say the budget is 180 pounds ... well I hope you get a good TV.
I advise you to devote good money to buying a long lasting TV
Never mind high precision.
The important thing is .... If you want a normal size screen to about 40 inches
I will give you the best choice I have seen fit ...,aps,227&sr=1-6

or see it

This link is from amazon
Available in two sizes in two different colors
The first is black, 27 inches..the price is 152.35 bends
As for the second, it is white, 32 inches, at 199 pounds

I understand that you have a budget

I tried to give him the best of the games

This is a good price for this TV if you buy it online

If you have more questions, do not hesitate

i am ready

Stick with the classic tv. Monitors are chic and in with the kids. But keep it to the basics and get a nice, big and cheap tv for him to get his tv and gaming on. I was rocking a 40 something and now up to a 50 something and love the way it helps bring a room together.

Best of luck!