xbox 1

  1. itspinkbabyy

    Play w me

    i’m looking for someone who’s mainly gonna play minecraft with me because i been in the mood to play but nobody ever wants to play :( i like ufc if y’all wanna get y’all ass whooped:mad: Add me wearevicky
  2. C

    Xbox One 0X80072efe issue when trying to set up xbox 1.

    Hi all, i really hope someone can help me. I recieved an xbox one (original) recently, it was sittin gin storage for a long time, i opened it fresh out the box. When trying to set up the xbox for the first time it says "time to get started" connected it to the wifi (also tried with wired...
  3. M

    Xbox One Can't format HDD to XBOX

    I've just got an external hard drive for my XB1S, formatted it on my pc and when i plug it in it just reads it as media storage without giving me a chance to format it to game storage, any way to format it in the xbox?
  4. A

    Can Micro soft be suid

    Hello and greetings I have a problem a very big problem. It all started last week when my cousin in law came to me and said that one of his ex friends took a picture of him off his instagram and put it as their gamer picture without his consent which could be considered Fraud, slander, and...
  5. Tay

    Hello, looking for Xbox Friends!

    Hey, my GT is Taywaii and I’ve been gaming on Xbox for a while now. I didn’t know forums on here were still a thing, I swear I made a post on these forums YEARS ago when I played 360. I play games like dead by daylight, modern warfare, Minecraft, GTA, etc. I have game pass as well. I’m hoping to...
  6. N

    Xbox One 10 best Xbox One games you must played.

    As an Xbox one gamer, I have played much game. But I have listed the 10 best games they are very amazing. These games are fun and enjoyable to play. The games list is given below.
  7. Y

    Xbox One Monitor or TV

    We would like to buy our son either a monitor or TV for his bedroom for his 15th birthday. He will mainly be using it for his XBox One. Please could someone advise what features we need it to have and whether we are better getting a monitor or TV? At the moment he doesn't watch much TV apart...
  8. R

    Xbox One Can someone pelase help me fix my mic

    So my mic does not work on my xbox one and I have tried many different mics and none seemed the work so I assumed it was my controller. Please does anyone know how to fix this I have tried some stuff but not a lot please and thank you.
  9. S

    XBOX Live GOLD Giveaway

  10. xplicitdivine

    Hello peeps XplicitDivine here

    Hi Peeps xplicitdivine here hope you enjoy what I have to offer. We will do BIG GIVE AWAYS Ever 500 subs i get so don’t miss out .The higher we get so do the GIVEAWAYS do so com on over and good luck to the winners!!! Here’s the link
  11. QUIZZY

    Xbox One 1 Month XBOX GAME PASS Giveaway! 4 LEFT

    #1 Seller for CD Key Links listed below! Rules Follow Like & RT Comment “⚡️“ when done!
  12. N

    Xbox One Troubleshooting External Hard Drive

    I need help with my external hard drive and its formatting. So i bought this external hard drive off of, which is 2 TB storage, and USB 3.0. It's new and never used, and so I got it and plugged it into my Xbox One. It gave me the options to use for media or to format it. I formatted...
  13. S

    Xbox One Discord group

    I made a group for GameSharing If you join this obviously don't GameShare with people you don't trust Note: Only for people who are poor or don't want to spend money Please no criticism.
  14. J

    Xbox One Xbox has made me lose my game progress

    So recently Xbox store would not load and it kept telling me that I should restart the system. So I did and now all my progress has been completely lost for everything not with a backed up account. So I have lost quite a bit of Fallout 4 progress. Please can someone help? Thanks - Jay
  15. K

    Xbox One 6 month xbox one card (to anyone) - (read first)

    Hey whats up everyone i recently sold my xbox because i have 2 ps4s and only had my xbox one for PUBG. Today i found an un-used 6 month membership card & an unopened game (attack om titan two) For the 6 month card which is worth $40 i would like to trade a 10 - 20 dollar ps4 card as i do not...