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    Apr 22, 2019
    Years ago I had all of my game saves on my old xbox 360. I backed them up on a flash drive, I don't think the cloud backup was in place yet in 2011 or so when I did this. I was unemployed at the time, had to sell the xbox but figured the saves were safe on the flash drive. I also copied that xbox folder from the flash drive to my laptop. After I moved and could afford to get a new 360, I popped in the old flash drive but it no longer worked. I guess it just went bad over the previous year of not using it. I tried in late 2012 or early 2013 to copy that folder from my laptop onto a new flash drive a couple different ways and put it on my new 360, but it kept saying the drive had data on it but it didn't show any game saves. I decided there were not many games on there that I hadn't 100% all the achievements anyways, so I cut my losses and started new games. Now that Borderlands GOTY is out I would really love to import my old characters, but obviously I can't get the files onto my 360 to export to the Xbox One.

    My question, is there a legal program that can read these old files and save them back onto a thumb drive in a current format so that the 360 can read them? There are 17 Data files, numbered from 0000-0016 in the folder. Years ago a friend of mine had said to use Horizon, but it didn't sound legit. And when I looked it up today it looks like a modder tool. I don't want to mod or change anything, I was just hoping to find a way to copy the saves as-is onto a new thumb drive and get them on the cloud now so that they are backed up. The bad flash drive is long gone, so i can't attempt to get the data recovered. Probably should have saved it, but I thought the folder copied on my laptop was just as good and could be copied back to a new drive.