Xbox 360 What is your least favorite multiplayer map?


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Dec 20, 2012
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Not sure why, but I hate Hijacked. Turbine isn't far behind. I could play on Yemen, Standoff, Plaza and Overflow all day though.
I'm not a big fan of Hijacked either. For some reason, I always get my a** handed to me on that one.
I don't really like any of the smaller, cramped maps. That includes Hijacked, obviously, but I don't really like the Nuketown 2025 or Express maps, either.
Aftermath. It's similar to a MW 3 map with all of the clutter, and it turns things into a guessing game of sorts. It's probably the only map in the game I despise, the rest are good or passable to me.

Edit: I had Overflow and Aftermath confused for a moment; I actually enjoy Overflow. xD
I love hijacked. For me it has to be Turbine. Just hate it. Other than that I can play on any map.
I'm not a big fan of Hijacked either. For some reason, I always get my a** handed to me on that one.

This is so true...but everybody loves it and I don't get why. It's just a sprint to the center only to die.

Also, drone is not that good. Everybody rushes into that stupid building and shoots each other across from those two tiny rooms. That or people just camp in the back of the map with snipers. Not a very fun map to play IMO.
Meltdown is my least favorite. It totally sucks. I'm not really sure why, exactly, except that it's personal opinion and I just really don't like it. Most of the reasons I can think of would actually apply to other maps, too, but I don't dislike them as much.
It would probably be a tie between Aftermath, Nuketown and Mirage. Though I'm leaning mostly towards Nuketown. I really can't stant that map at all. It's very easy to spawn trap the opposing team if you are in a party of good players (and even then) and makes for some fustrating moments when every enemy player is running around with an R870 or KSG. Don't forget the light machine gun users with Target Finders who tend to be perched up in the second story rooms.
My least favorite just has to be Aftermath, it's a similar map to the modern warfare 3 one, I can't recall the name actually though it sucked pretty bad.
My more favorite map though, is encore. It has such a cool and amazing style to it. I really enjoy playing on it, and even though most people just choose a different map - It's because they hate it. I still choose it, it has so much camping potential, and securing positions. As in, playing with a battlefield style, not just rushing. More like a... Run and gun camping style.
When it comes to multiplayer maps there is quite a few I don't like especially when you're online which tends to be Turbine, Meltdown, Slums and Yemen and not a big fan of Dig either but I love Hijacked, Standoff and Express but the rest I can manage ok although my K/D ratio gets a hammering since I'm fairly new to the whole Live thing.

I tend to have a love/hate with Nuketown as it's fun for pinging people off but annoying that I've encountered a few spawn campers that do my head in to the extent that I throw flashbangs and grenades in that direction to catch them off guard.
I freaking love Hijacked, I don't get how people hate it. However, I really hate Turbine. It's crazy how many campers who camp in that map. Every time I see it in the pregame lobby I straight up leave. I'd rather blow a cactus than play on that map.