Xbox 360 WILLING TO PAY FOR SUPPORT, lost Xbox 360 profiles and games

John Wolf

New Member
Jul 13, 2018
PLEASE help, I am begging for assistance, and I will gladly pay for the right help!

I lost all profiles and saved games on my XBOX 360 slim.
I am willing to pay for support to help me get it all back.

Xbox 360 Slim.
A couple years ago I replaced the original HDD with a 500GB hard drive.
System has been working fine for years.
I do not have a cloud account, nor a current paid for subscription of any kind to MS.

I know I should have left well enough alone, but..... system has been a little eratic lately, not always booting up on the first attempt... so i was worried I might loose my hard made minecraft world, and my kids other games.
I copied the Minecraft and profile data to the internal 2 something GB storage, using the Xbox 360 transfer data comand.
It said it completed successful transfer of some 90 odd items.
I then went to pay a minecraft game on the internal storage and no game, and no profile info.
I then told the Xbox to copy it all back to the hard drive, and it failed after just a few items.
Now I can not see any of my profiles, nor any of my games. I do believe both devices show a progress bar with data on the drives, but the storage menu shows all 0's for profiles, games, etc...

I have not let the xbox do anything else. I didn't recover or download my profiles from MS.
I have pulled the drive and begun to examine the contents of the drive using FATXplorer.
I am an IT and Windows guy. I know computers, and I am well versed in files systems, partitions, etc...
BUT I do not know XBOX 360 file system specifics, nor what might have happened to loose everything doing what I did.
I do believe the data is still on the hard drive, I just need to know how to recover it.

The FIRST step should be a save of what I have onto another HDD or System.
Then recovery attempts to get the data back.
I will be the smart hands, you guide me on what to do.
I am not wanting to rush into a solution, as I want to be careful and make sure I do NOT loose any data. But I also am not looking to take weeks to get this done.
YOU should be VERY experienced with the xbox 360 file system, and knowledgeable about file recovery concepts and principles!!!

I will pay someone to help me get it all back. Name your price and if reasonable, and you can help me get it all back I will gladly pay it via paypal, or some other legitimate money transfer app.

email is good:
Call or text is best: 702-210-8837.

Sincerely John Wolf
There may be some corrupted files. Look through the files and see.
I copied all files that were on the Xbox 360 HDD in the content folder, to my PC hard drive.
I have ZERO idea how to tell if a 360 file is corrupt.
I appreciate your advice, and I am hoping for some step by step, or something....