WILLING TO PAY FOR SUPPORT, lost Xbox 360 profiles and games

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by John Wolf, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. John Wolf

    John Wolf New Member

    Jul 13, 2018
    PLEASE help, I am begging for assistance, and I will gladly pay for the right help!

    I lost all profiles and saved games on my XBOX 360 slim.
    I am willing to pay for support to help me get it all back.

    Xbox 360 Slim.
    A couple years ago I replaced the original HDD with a 500GB hard drive.
    System has been working fine for years.
    I do not have a cloud account, nor a current paid for subscription of any kind to MS.

    I know I should have left well enough alone, but..... system has been a little eratic lately, not always booting up on the first attempt... so i was worried I might loose my hard made minecraft world, and my kids other games.
    I copied the Minecraft and profile data to the internal 2 something GB storage, using the Xbox 360 transfer data comand.
    It said it completed successful transfer of some 90 odd items.
    I then went to pay a minecraft game on the internal storage and no game, and no profile info.
    I then told the Xbox to copy it all back to the hard drive, and it failed after just a few items.
    Now I can not see any of my profiles, nor any of my games. I do believe both devices show a progress bar with data on the drives, but the storage menu shows all 0's for profiles, games, etc...

    I have not let the xbox do anything else. I didn't recover or download my profiles from MS.
    I have pulled the drive and begun to examine the contents of the drive using FATXplorer.
    I am an IT and Windows guy. I know computers, and I am well versed in files systems, partitions, etc...
    BUT I do not know XBOX 360 file system specifics, nor what might have happened to loose everything doing what I did.
    I do believe the data is still on the hard drive, I just need to know how to recover it.

    The FIRST step should be a save of what I have onto another HDD or System.
    Then recovery attempts to get the data back.
    I will be the smart hands, you guide me on what to do.
    I am not wanting to rush into a solution, as I want to be careful and make sure I do NOT loose any data. But I also am not looking to take weeks to get this done.
    YOU should be VERY experienced with the xbox 360 file system, and knowledgeable about file recovery concepts and principles!!!

    I will pay someone to help me get it all back. Name your price and if reasonable, and you can help me get it all back I will gladly pay it via paypal, or some other legitimate money transfer app.

    email is good: john@Apextechlv.com
    Call or text is best: 702-210-8837.

    Sincerely John Wolf
  2. Elite

    Elite Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 9, 2018
    There may be some corrupted files. Look through the files and see.
  3. John Wolf

    John Wolf New Member

    Jul 13, 2018
    I copied all files that were on the Xbox 360 HDD in the content folder, to my PC hard drive.
    I have ZERO idea how to tell if a 360 file is corrupt.
    I appreciate your advice, and I am hoping for some step by step, or something....