Xbox 360 account recovery?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by Max.WO, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Jun 28, 2020
    So I was playing Skate 3 earlier, (on my Xbox one) and saw that you can open the Xbox 360 menu on any backwards compatible games, by pressing the button to the left of thev Xbox logo. From there, I could view all my friends' old profiles and even look at all my acheivements from my old games.

    I was wondering, that if I were to buy another Xbox 360 (I sold my original one) I could sign in to my old profile and be able to play my old games, if I still have any of the discs.

    Another thing that I dont know the possibility of, is if I did do the above, would my games remember the progress I made? I remember that when I made the switch from Xbox 360 to Xbox one, my games did in fact, remember my progress, as the account has acheivements to show it. So it would basically be doing the same thing, just backwards.

    However, I do understand that most games back in the day, would have had their progress saved on the disc itself, or the Xbox's hard drive. If I dont have either of those, I assume that the above is nigh impossible. But, if I have an old Xbox 360 game, and put it in a new Xbox 360, and sign in with my old account, will I have my progress back?

    The main thing that I want back is one of my old Minecraft worlds.

    I hope that someone that knows anything about this kind of stuff responds :)