cod advanced warfare

  1. deathbyprayer

    Xbox One So what do you expect from this game?

    I'm surprised nobody is going on about this game yet in this forum, seems like nobody is that excited at all, anyways. Now this is kind of a new take on the franchise seeing that it's now going way ahead to the future. I've only seen some footage so I can't really say much but I just want to...
  2. booker

    Xbox One COD Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

    Well, that tsunami hitting the coast line looks pretty awesome. The gameplay is dynamic and fast paced but all the weapons look like insta kill machines. What's up with that?
  3. troutski

    Xbox One Changes I'd like to see in Advanced Warfare

    The following are things I'd like to see in Advanced Warfare whether they've been announced or not. I think these things would make the game far better than some of the more recent CoD games. - More verticality to each multiplayer map (exoskeleton) - A more interesting melee system...
  4. andrew172

    Xbox One Exoskeletons

    Call of Duty seems to be making a big song and dance about the addition of exoskeletons being added to the game. But do you guys really think they'll make much difference? I can't see them changing the gameplay mechanic that much other than maybe being able to grab things to make shield that you...

    Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announced/leaked

    via IGN Well it's hard to gather much excitement for a Call of Duty game these days (at least that's my opinion), but here we are a year from the last one. This time Sledgehammer will have their turn at bat and whether or not that will make a difference is yet to...
  6. sc_shark

    Xbox One New Call of Duty from Sledghammer hear is the official teaser page im intrested to see what they are going to try and do... i mean as bad as bf4 launch was... bf4 if it was in the condition it is in today at...