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    Xbox 360 Download Profile Error

    Recently I've been having a lot of issues trying to download my main Xbox profile on to my 360. Basically what happens is I enter my email/password, the profile begins to download and then after 10-15 minutes it comes up with an error message and fails to download it. I know this has been a...
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    Xbox 360 Downloading account error

    Hi all... I am having a problem with trying to download my full account. I recently tried to add my account onto my xbox 360 after deleting it off their for a while. I went to download account put in my credentials just fine it gets to loading about 1/10 of my account up. Then proceeds to...
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    Xbox One 3g downloads but 4g doesnt?!

    Hello, dear gamers I need you're help. I have an incredible problem and a little story to go with it. I recently changed mobile providers to superdrug who use the 3 networks. Half the time signal doesn't reach 4g but that's just been an added annoyance. Equipped with my new all-I-can-eat...
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    Xbox One Downloading videos via Microsoft Edge?

    Hey what’s up guys! Quick question. For some reason I can’t find any info on this anywhere... and I did some intense googling. Which is weird considering it seems like a fairly simple question. So, when I download a video file via Microsoft edge, how do I open it and watch it when it’s done...
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    Xbox 360 Default Gamerpic missing?

    My girlfriend had this gamerpic: And it got changed by accident. Well, when we went to change it back it wasn't there. I don't know the name of it, but I think it's from Perfect Dark. It doesn't show up in the hard drive or the gamerpic selection screen. Is it from a gamerpic pack? is there a...