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    Xbox One Can’t find game after I uninstalled it

    Recently had problems with CoD Cold War with it saying I didn’t own the game, so I uninstalled it and can not reinstall from the store.
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    I have a $10 gift card and want to give it to someone, who wants it?

    Hi all I'm from Kuwait. I bought a $10 gift card to buy an app from Microsoft Store, but I couldn't use it due to currency differences.. I didn't realize that it has to be a Kuwaiti gift card to use inside Kuwait! -_- anyway, I bought the app from my Visa, but now I have that gift card code and...
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    SMITE(Roam with Gods: Play. Seek. Destroy.) C all at 1/8552/12/721/2/ or http://magnumeliteinternational. com to enter the pool. Also, you can use my personal Code "HDWIESignup" to get a FREE SURPRISE GAMING GIFT. BRIEF BACKGROUND: WORLD INDIE ESPORTS ASSOCIATION: "Believe it or not, the...
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    Hello Everyone: Had a great idea for a VR game...

    Greetings everyone, my name is Patrick and I had a really good idea for a VR game for the near future. Now hear me out on this, I believe if done correctly this could be the next big rock band like game. Something everyone could enjoy. Imagine a VR game where you and perhaps a friend take part...