1. M

    Xbox 360 Gamertag Change

    Does anyone here still have access to an Xbox 360? I want to reset my gamertag for a fresh start on the Xbox series x but my gamertag is over the new 12 character limit. In the UK prices for a used 360 are becoming extortionate. Is there anyone here who has access to a 360 be willing to change...
  2. P

    Xbox Gamertag System 2022

    Hello, looking for help. I have two Xbox accounts in which I am wanting to swap the names around. (e.g.) Account A has the name ‘abc’ Account B has the name ‘xyz’ Account A cannot take the name ‘xyz because it will force Account A to take the name ‘xyz#????’. Account B cannot take the name ‘abc’...
  3. NicolasGE

    The cost of changing a gamertag is way too high...

    why does it cost $9.99 to change a gamertag??? having a time limit would be way better than this awful price for changing usernames that many services don't have, as changing usernames isn't something done so much that it justifies a price on it also, why can't we change our...
  4. II Atero

    Tyring to get an old 360 gamertag

    Greetings all, I have been told to come here by an xbox support team member regarding my issue, and he told me to mention the specifics. I have been waiting for a gamertag for quite a while now, the gamertag is Atero, I have messaged the account to see if it was still active when I first...
  5. E

    Xbox One Question regarding new gamertag system

    So I've been looking to change my gamertag to something shorter for quite some time. And this new update is perfect for it. But I do have one issue that I'm a bit confused about. When I go to change my gamertag, I pick my new one and it adds the numbers at the end, which is fine. I know they...
  6. Illegalinternet

    Bring Back our Gamertags

    I do not like the new update. We can only have up to 12 letters now in our gamertag. Supposedly to give us more options on names we can choose from. Unfortunately this is not true. Adding a number to a name has been done since Xbox was created. For those who were not creative enough to come up...
  7. B

    I need help

    I need help picking a new gamertag. My name is Bri if that helps with anything. Looking for something creative and funny :)
  8. D

    Hey! Anyone want the gamertag "Forerunner"?

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum! I'm a game designer and as well own the gamertag "Forerunner", if you're interested in having it for yourself make me an offer(:
  9. D

    Gamertag "Forerunner"

    Hello everyone! I own the Xbox gamertag "Forerunner" on a second account, if anyone's interested in having the gamertag message me!
  10. T

    Xbox One Can I put my gamertag to this?

    Would I be able to change my gamertag to BOOMBOOMMuslim without getting banned?
  11. V

    I got a great Gamertag, but now i cant play my 360 games on backwards compatible. Wat do?

    So with Microsoft allegedly releasing all of those names into the wild, me and my friends looked for cool, OG names. I was able to get the name Vyper, but ever since I changed my name I haven't been able to play backwards compatible games. I would load the game and it would tell me that I needed...