Question regarding new gamertag system

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Edward, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Edward

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    Dec 5, 2019
    So I've been looking to change my gamertag to something shorter for quite some time. And this new update is perfect for it. But I do have one issue that I'm a bit confused about. When I go to change my gamertag, I pick my new one and it adds the numbers at the end, which is fine. I know they won't pop up in games that support the new system. Although for games that don't support the new system, I don't want the numbers after. I'd prefer to keep my current gamertag for games that don't support the new system and have my new one for games that do. Now I know this is possible because my pal was able to do exactly that. His gamertag in games that support it is "Dreamy" and in games that don't his gamertag is "Dreamifyyy". When I asked him how he did it, he said he had a "customize" option when it showed his gamertag and how it would appear in old games, and games that didn't support the new system. I'm a bit confused because every time I go to try to change it, I don't have the same customize option. I've tried on my phone, computer, and Xbox. None of them gave me the customize option. Can someone help me out here?