1. S

    Recruiting 15 and up for SFP (savagely feared productions)

    Hello, im a Captain for SFP and i need more members in my squad we are one of the biggest clans on Xbox. we are a big family and want more people to grow with. What you need to do is: 1. 15 and up 2. sign up on web sight and discord for communication and more people to play with. 3...
  2. M

    Xbox One Game recommendations for 'newbie' - 1st time post

    Hi I've just got an xbox one, second hand and I would like to have some game suggestions please. I'm 48 and I grew up gaming on the C64, until I went to university. Later on I had a few years playing PS2 and a few years ago my son had an xbox and now I have my own. I got it as I wanted to...
  3. N

    Xbox One 10 best Xbox One games you must played.

    As an Xbox one gamer, I have played much game. But I have listed the 10 best games they are very amazing. These games are fun and enjoyable to play. The games list is given below.
  4. E

    Xbox One xbox one X PING experts plz help

    When I first got my xbox one X and tested detailed network stats in settings, I got high speeds and 16 ping. Since then the ping has rose to 80ms, and will not drop under that. The same situation happened to my old xbox one s. But, when I do a speed test on the explorer app, which pings to my...
  5. B

    SA’DoJ Roleplay Community

    San Andreas Department of Justice is a roleplay community based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 that covers all important aspects of everyday life. We are a friendly community that has been Roleplaying since 2018. If you are looking for an in-depth, lifelike representation of life in Los Santos...
  6. S

    Xbox One Discord group

    I made a group for GameSharing If you join this obviously don't GameShare with people you don't trust Note: Only for people who are poor or don't want to spend money Please no criticism.
  7. T

    Xbox One Back compat split screen

    Hey everybody, I play alot of back compat games on split screen yet the split screens never fill up the entire monitor even tho on the 360 they would be fullscreen. I have a standard hd tv. Is there anyway to run The 360 titles in split screen mode in fullscreen?
  8. B

    Massive issue with the Xbox enforcement team

    So, recently I have been permanently banned by the Xbox enforcement team, I am not here to complain that I didn't deserve the ban or that I didn't do anything wrong, I deserve it. Anyways I have a pretty big complaint about what happens to your account after you have been permanently banned...
  9. G

    Spot For Deals On Games/Memberships/Accessories/Hardware

    I just started a Reddit sub titled "ActualGreatXboxDeals" for game deals on Xbox One that are links to best prices I can find on games, memberships, accessories, and hardware deals for the Xbox One. [Here is the Link] Here is the Link in Plaintext for the Security Focused Individuals...
  10. C

    Hello all

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and just looking for some knowledge about the xbox. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the games from an old xbox that has RROD? Buying the kids a new one and have a lot of games on that hdd. It would be awesome if we could transfer them to a new unit...
  11. Xilkozuf

    Xbox One Friday the 13th

    As you have seen, the game mentioned in the title came out in the last days and it already received a bit of criticism. It looks a bit boring after a while, and apparently the xbox version is different than the PC and PS4: it's still the beta client! I've waited a bit for this to come out since...
  12. H

    Xbox 360 Xbox games for 4 years help plz

    I'm new to Xbox. I have bought Xbox 360 for my son. I have one month gold membership for free but I can't find any free games. How to get games suitable for my son age and is there a free way to download games? Thank you
  13. X

    Hello im XTHEBOXNICK

    Hi, every one I am a Xbox 360 veteran. I used to play games like Grand Theft Auto 4/5 and Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition etc. Even though i'm am not currently a Xbox owner, but I am still engaged in Xbox affaris. I do like the Xbox One, I think it is a great geming concole. Im shure many can...
  14. SashaS

    Xbox One What's Your Favorite Racing Game?

    There are plenty of great racing games for the One. My favorite is between Need for Speed 2015 and Driveclub. Need for Speed because it's the first proper addition to the series in a long time. They've finally brought back in depth car customization and the visuals are great, as well as the...