Massive issue with the Xbox enforcement team

Discussion in 'Xbox Live' started by Brandon19876, May 31, 2018.

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    May 31, 2018
    So, recently I have been permanently banned by the Xbox enforcement team, I am not here to complain that I didn't deserve the ban or that I didn't do anything wrong, I deserve it. Anyways I have a pretty big complaint about what happens to your account after you have been permanently banned, when you try to sign into your account it just simply will not let you sign into it, not bad right that's part of a ban? But when you make a whole new account and try to play any games that you downloaded on your banned account you can't play them. This is listed in their Terms Of Service (TOS) that if you get permanently banned you forfeit all licence you owned with those games. This is an issue because Microsoft does not have the right to just take away content that you purchased because you broke their rules. That is like the police taking ownership of your house and all of your possessions because you got sent to jail. They should not be able to do that, they should not be able to take away all of your belongings and your hard earned money or money you have saved up over the months, I have around 30 Dollars left on that account with the 400 Dollars worth of games, skins, and other downloadable content I have purchased over the years and something needs to be done about this, they can't just simply say that it's written down in their TOS and that is the rules because as far as I know this isn't legal in the United States at least.
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