Xbox One What's Your Favorite Racing Game?


Feb 18, 2016
There are plenty of great racing games for the One. My favorite is between Need for Speed 2015 and Driveclub. Need for Speed because it's the first proper addition to the series in a long time. They've finally brought back in depth car customization and the visuals are great, as well as the flawless transition between live action cut-scenes and in-game visuals. (Or are those cut-scenes actually really good graphics? Who knows...)

Driveclub because of it's amazing graphics. Driving in the rain is dam amazing and I couldn't be happier seeing it on my 4K Samsung television. My only problem is of course the physics, but I can live with that. My favorite Xbox 360 racing game has to be Burnout Paradise. The sheer insanity of it, it was a great game. Noteworthy considerations are the Forza series, The Crew and Project Cars. What's your favorite racing game and why?
Need for speed has been good to me. I've loved racing setups since I was a kid, and I can't WAIT for VR racing to become a thing...just a custom chair, a mask and a controller...our time is coming...
I have always played NFS but of late I have taken a liking to Forza Motorsport. Maybe it's the change or something else but I do like Forza much more than any other racing game now.
Need For Speed has always been my favorite. Nothing can match the graphics and the thrill of playing NFS. In fact Forza is no match for NFS at all and I have stopped playing Forza anymore.
Forza is my favorite racing series. For the longest time it was F-Zero, but then when I finally gripped reality that it's dead and there haven't been that many games in the franchise anyway. I currently have all three Forza games on Xbox One and will continue to get them as they come out.
I've never been a huge racing game fan, but from the ones I have played then I think I've enjoyed Project Cars the most.

When it comes to driving games then I think realism is important as you actually want it to feel and handle how you think that car would do on the road, and while a lot of fun can be had with games like driveclub, they're too much like an arcade game for me, and I prefer more of the simulation type of games.
The entire Need For Speed series is the best.. hands down. It's did it for me. Even the Rivals one-player game was legit. And I rarely ever play one-player race games much less buy them.
When it comes about racing games, best one I have ever played, it's definitely Need for Speed: Underground 2. Because of the overall user experience, the racing experience, combined with all the customization allowed to the user, that is probably the only game which allowed you to customize so much, and of course, because of it's game play, this is by far the best racing game I have ever played so far.

I never understood why they never tried that concept on something newer, to let you customize your car at that level.
I was quite into Need for speed Shift. Also Forza Motorsport games have been pleasant. Blur was also something I enjoyed
I'm glad that Forza as been given a mention as I think it tends to be underrated as far as racing games go. Need for speed seems to take all the glory and praise, and Forza gets forgotten about sometimes.
Forza Motorsport 6 is a exceptional example of just how great racing games can be. The look of the cars is incredible, the lighting, the realistic handling, lots of customization and a great soundtrack. It's definitely one of the best Simulation Racing games I have ever played.
I actually didn't realize until recently that Gran Turismo is more popular than Forza. Yes, it's been around longer and has more games but I would have imagined that Forza would have taken over in popularity since it's still going on and Gran Turismo only comes out of the woodwork every once in a while.
Personally I'm a big fan of racing games, and I like both Forza and Gran Turismo, and I don't think they should be compared, as for me they both do things differently, but they both do them well and how I think people want their racing games to be.
I think Forza at this point has all but taken its place.
Forza is helped of course by the fact that it keeps on being released and its getting to be more of a series now with regular releases.

Titles like Gran Turismo aren't released as often and so they won't receive the same hype and coverage.
I'm not even sure if there is a Gran Turismo 7 in the pipeline, and if there is it won't be anytime soon I shouldn't imagine.

The battle as always been between Forza and Gran Turismo, so it would be a shame to see that ending now.
This is my favorite genera of games. Whether it's Need for Speed (any of them even the older ones ) or Forza, they are all good, but I still think that Gran Turismo series is still the best that has ever been made.
I've only played a couple of racing games so far and I can't really say I have a favorite just yet. I do like Need for Speed Shift though. I'm still new to the whole gaming experience and I might change my mind later...
This is my favorite genera of games. Whether it's Need for Speed (any of them even the older ones ) or Forza, they are all good, but I still think that Gran Turismo series is still the best that has ever been made.

The Gran Turismo games are always going to have that nostalgic appeal to me, so it is kind of hard to write them off, but when you get right down to it, I think that the Forza games are the best. They are the most enjoyable for me at least, and I think that they handle better and give you a more realistic racing feel. Just my opinion though, and to each their own.