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  1. xboxuser123

    Xbox One Xbox Live intermittent disconnects during online games

    Hi everyone, before I start i just want to say that I'm new here (maximum 15 mins account age at posting time) so if I have posted this in the wrong location let me know. ------ Anyway, for a while now I have been experiencing difficulties regarding Xbox Live disconnection. It will happen every...
  2. R

    Xbox 360 James Bond 007: Nightfire the Alpine Escape missinon not loading

    I am having a problem loading the game. I am able to load/pass the two levels leading up to this one but once It get to the loading screen it freezes. I thought it may be a problem with the disk itself so I bought another copy. This new (used) copy does the exact same thing at the exact same...
  3. S

    Xbox 360 Can i connect a PC controller to mz Xbox

    Hey guys i bought two shitty chinese usb controllers and i tried to connect them to my xbox but it wouldnt work. Is there anything I can do to make them work?
  4. C

    Xbox One Can’t find game after I uninstalled it

    Recently had problems with CoD Cold War with it saying I didn’t own the game, so I uninstalled it and can not reinstall from the store.
  5. C

    Xbox One Help! should i buy xbox one x project edition now? or wait?

    hello gamers First time here and new to xbox hopefully, hope you can help me, i just sold my ps4 first gen not pro, and im thinking to buy xbox now. i can buy xbox one x for 200 euros ( i live in belgium ) should i go for it? or wait for next gen? series x? i am confused because i dont know if...
  6. F

    if i'm over the hill . . .

    . . . how come i never got to the top? nevermind. anyhow, i'm a "senior citizen" (that sounds awful) who's been playing videogames since Pong, and recently upgraded from a 360 to a One X (both of which had better graphics than Space Invaders). I've also been active online since 1980, and...