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May 28, 2019
. . . how come i never got to the top? nevermind.

anyhow, i'm a "senior citizen" (that sounds awful) who's been playing videogames since Pong, and recently upgraded from a 360 to a One X (both of which had better graphics than Space Invaders).

I've also been active online since 1980, and believe that independents forums like this are the best place to go for good info.

i work as a primary care physician in Marin county, CA, and have written books and columns on motorcycling in the past. unfortunately, my back has limited my motorcycling, leading to the new XBox, which leads to this question: before upgrading, i cloud saved the "saves" from 360 games i cared about, but when checking with the One X, nothing's there. what obvious thing am i missing? any help would be appreciated.

i look forward to tapping in to the collective wisdom here - sorry if i dilute it a little bit.
Hello Flash Gordon MD, I to am a "senior citizen" so I feel your pain!!! In reference to your 360 games, I believe if you log into the Xbox One S or X with the same email and password you used with the Xbox 360 games they should be there for you to enjoy in your new Xbox One X or S console. I am a retired Police Officer, just recently retired from my video production business. I use the Xbox to keep my reflexes toned. I only use the Forza racing games, I own a 2014 ZO6 Corvette that I don't feel safe in anymore because of the power so I race all the Forza games: Forza Horizon 2, Horizon 3, 4 Motorsport 5, Motorsport 6, 7 . . . well, you get the jest of it! I hope this helped with gathering your 360 games.

On another note, after I graduated from USC I went to work for George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County near Nicasio for five years until I got tired of being told what to do. George was one of my guest professors at USC and helped me achieve my Master of Arts with the discipline's in Film and Television Production and he was instrumental in my starting my own production company with 32 employees, an 8000 sq. ft. production studio. My avatar is a picture of my production floor doing a Harley Davidson commercial. In 2018 we filmed 33 weddings in 28 foreign countries, a total of 286 weddings for the year. Forgive the rambling I have a bad habit of doing this, it's the "SENIOR CITIZEN" in me!

Carl Hataway, roadrage1946
Front of my Production Floor
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